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O Edit

Did you ever find out what happened with the character page. I know you said something about someone changing the names to something rude. What exactly was on there b/c I must've missed it when I was on. I don't know if I ever changed Meduza to Medusa though, but I do remember thinking it was spelled wrong. Oh, and I accidentially deleted your picture for Kang hoo. That's why it looks different. I'm new to this, so I ended up uploading a new one. Then I figured out that when your collaborating you have access to the files on the wiki. 00:33, June 22, 2014 (UTC) Drawnfreak


Well, if you look at the edit section on the right side and click see more you could find characters and go back and back and back til you find it. but these are just what someo of the names ahd been changed to before I fixed it back.

Yoo Da-in- Chubby Chunky Cunt Mangler          Seo Kang-hoo- Foul Vagina Sniffer Prime

Seo Ji-hoo-Peckerwood Dick face                      Meduza Horny Cheetos Bitch

Jang Seo-Wool- Crunchy Dick Shitter                Seo Gang Min Splackavelli

Suh Ryung-Dark Nut Master Billy Bob'  '             Suh Hwa-Ass Blaster Supreme

Yun Chae-Seong-Baby Back Butt Rape

It took forever to fix cause I had to re put the table up and then go find the links again.

Sasskitten (talk) 13:01, November 4, 2014 (UTC)

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