Yun Chea-Seong

Personality Edit

Cocky, Smarty pants, arrogant, and kinda self-absorbed. He also smirks to much.

A bit of HistoryEdit

He is first shown showing up at his home and surprising his sister. He later makes a pact with Meduza because he wants to gain power and be leader of all the vampire clans. So, after giving her some of his blood, she passes out and he takes her to his home and is basically holding Yoo Da-in captive. His plan is to do a blood oath with Da-in since he need Meduza to gain power. Jang Seo Wool Tries to stop him but finds he is no match for a vampire.

At the house Da-in tries to escape but is stopped rather easily by Yun. Even Yu's sister tries to aid the boy in getting away when he is caught a second time.During the Ceramony, Yun tries to force Da-in to drink his blood. If Da-in does a blood oath with a human then Meduza will go away forever. However, if it is done with a vampire then Meduza stays. Chae-Reyoung tries to plead with her father to not do the ceramony and she gets smacked for trying to aid Da-in. Seo Kang-hoo and Seo Ji-hoo come to the rescue. They end up fighting and Yun gets his but t kicked big time.

He is not seen for awhile until he runs into Seo Wool and drinks his blood nearly killing him. He finds Da-in and Kang-hoo on the beach and tries to take Da-in once again. Another fight happens between Kang and Yun only for it to end when Seo Gang Min enters the fight and stops Yun. He is also the one to use a spell on Kang-hoo to make him forget about Da-in so that he can have Da-in without any trouble. Also, he wanted to use Kang-hoo as a weapon against the vampires. He does this with the help of his father and cerases old memories and creates new ones in their places. When Yun tries to take Da-in again, it is Seo Wool who saves him However, Vampire Seo Wool is still no match for Yun. Yun easily defeat's Seo Wool. He is the one who later frees Seo Wool from his cage and orders him to come with him.

The spell on Kang hoo is broken when Da-in has Kang-hoo bite and turn him again. Just when Yun almost get an unconsious Da-in to take the blood oath for a second time, Seo wool in his blood thristy monster mode takes and drinks the blood. Seo Wool then kills Yun's father by draining his blood dry. He gets his butt kicked by an un controlable Seo Wool. Kang hoo comes in and stops Seo Wool from killing Chae-Reyoung and tells her "Cinderella's magic time is over. I'm not your Kang hoo anymore." He leaves her and goes back to Da-in.

Yun gets beat up by Seo Wool. He comes to only to get insulted and knocked out by Meduza and has most likely died.